Leak Test Apparatus

Ideal instrument to check blister Packs, Strip for Leak Test. The old method
of separate desiccator and huge vacuum pump is replaced with the new Leak Test
Apparatus in GMP Stainless Steel Body with phenomenal compactness.

U. V. Cabinet

The UV cabinet is suitable for inspecting thin-layer chromatograms and
objects in an undarkened room. The front of the box is closed with a magnetic lock,
which can be pushed open.


Uaser- friendly Digital temperature control allows you to repeatedly set
operation temperature in the range of ambient +50 C to 2500 C. single program
controller with adjustable high-low limit. 3" thick Glass wool insulation
between oven chember and exterio walls helps minimize heat radiation to r
surrounding environment.

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We take great pleasure to introduce overselves as a manufacturer & supplier of laboratory instruments for the needs of Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, R & D Dept. or any industry, which needs quality control testing equipments. We maintain a commitment to manufacture products of the highest quality for these laboratories. Our main motto “User’s Friendly”, driven by imagination, flexibility, creativity and innovation. Hally Instrument has created a family of instruments that the professional of all type of laboratories use and appreciate. As common characteristic, all the instruments have at least one essential and special feature that distinguishes them from others of their type.

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