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Bio Freezer


The Hally’s range of Deep freezers are specially designed for storage and preservation needs of Bio-medical and Pharmaindustries, Restaurant Kitchen Food, Cold Drinks, Dairy Products. These freezers are designed with low conductivity insulation andconduction cooling technology ensuring the specimen is preserved even during downtime.


ModelsLTR. Approx Inner W x D x H (cm)
HVF -90 90 40x40x57
HVF -175 175 50x50x70
HVF -285 285 57x57x88
HVF 340 340 60x60x95
HBI -450 450 70x70x90


  • Available in Ambient to 0°C, -20°C, -40°C and -80°C and Horizontal and Vertical Models.
  • High capacity Ultra - Low Temperature Refrigeration system .
  • Cascade Refrigeration with Eco - friendly CFC free Refrigerants Easy-to-read microprocessor controls- delivering industryleading performance to protect the integrity of your work.Energy efficient design with a combination of technology and construction. Low Maintenance system with high quality branded subsystems.
  • Superior Hygiene and Easy cleanable component.
  • Fully Welded Interior Stainless Steel Enclosure

Optional Accessories:

  • Strip Chart Recorder.
  • 0 to 24 hrs. timer for regulating illumination conditions.


  • Guarantee ceased incase of non use of suitable servo stabilizer & to be stored in A.C. room.Due to continues R&D model/specification may change.