Colony _Counter

Colony Counter

‘Hally’ make colony counter is design for reliable and traceable counting of bacterial colonies growing on nutrient agar in petri dishes with a wide range of diameter from 90 to 150mm. This is indispensable tool for the busy microbiologist. Pressure sensor design make the counter to be operated by marking pen and an audible tone confirms each count mode. Right-shaped illumination lamp with electronic baalist results in glare Free light without blinding or noise and makes operator working comfortable without eyes train. A magnifier glass is provided for easier counting of small colonies. The count display can be rest manually any timeby processing the the reset switch provided.


Digital Display : 4 digit (9999 max)
Dish Size : 110mmdia.
Magnification : 100 mm.
Standard Accessaries: Marking pen, Magnifier Lense Holder