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Heating Mantle


Hally’s Heating Mantles incorporate flexible heating element allowing for efficient heat transfer and fast boiling times. ceramic fiber thermal insulation concentrates the heat on the glassware. Mantles have a built-in power controller with 0 to 100 scale and neon lights indicate “power on” and “heat on” heating mantles accept round bottom, Erlenmeyer and volumetric flasks. Mantle include 2mtr. Power cord.


Model Size (ml) Rating Control system
HHM-0.1 100 ml 150 W 3 heat switch / Energy
HHM-0.2.5 250 ml 150 W regulator / hydraulic
HHM-0.5 500 ml 300 W thermostats.
HHM-1 1 Ltr 400 W Optional digital PID
HHM-2 2 Ltr 500 W controller with external
HHM-3 5 Ltr 500 W temperature sensor probe.
HHM-5 5 Ltr 750 W
HHM-10 10 Ltr 1200 W
HHM-20 20 Ltr 2000 W
HHM-50 50 Ltr 4000 W
HHM-100 100 Ltr 6000 W


  • Mantle various size with deferent temp.
  • Ranges from 300°C available on request.