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Lab Stirrer

The new PMDC stirrers are specially designed for a broad spectrum of applications.This model is designed for routine laboratory work, research and development,QA analysis and sample preparations.Stirrers have uniform speed control with digital RPM indicator which gives speed readouts,valuable for applications where process validation and reproducibility is required. Stirrers are ideal for day to day laboratory use with aqueous & low viscosity liquids such as light oils.

Technical specification

Modelsstirring shaft f x length mmImpeller Design Speed (RPM)Stirring CapacityTemp RangeTemp Accuracy
Min.MaxType of fluidmax volume
HVL 108 x 250Axial Turbine2002000Water / Light Oil10 Ltr.
HVL 2510 x 450 Pitched Blade1202000Water / Light Oil25 Ltr.
HVL 5010 x 550Pitched Blade1001400Water / Light Oil50 Ltr.
HVL 5G6 x 250 Axial Turbine50 550Light Oil 5 Ltr
HVL 15G 8 x 450Radal Turbine50750 Paint / Gear Oil15 Ltr.
HVL 25G 10x 550Radal Turbine50 550 Paint / Gear Oil 25 Ltr.