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Laminar Flow


This unit is designed to provide an ultra-clean work environment which is free from biological and particulate contamination. Hepa filter having 99.97% efficient @ 0.3% micron [DOP Test] Pre - filter 95% efficient @ 5micron. Suitable motor blowing assembly / lies, working table top side panels, Fluorescent tube light and inbuilt U V tube attachment, pressure differentiate manometer. Laminar air flow are as per US standard 209 E class 100 and Japanese standard JIS B 9920 & 9921. Hepa filters are factory tested with DOP and other relevant test .


HL-32 HL-50 HL-75 HL-100
External Dimension (WxDxH)mm. 810x740x1160 1270x740x160 1890x740x1160 2545x740x160
Work Area (WxDxH) 715x520x585 1175x520x585 1795x520x585 2450x520x585
HEPA Efficiency: Between 0.4 to 0.5m/s ± 20%
Prefilter : > 99.997 % at 0.3 microns with DOP test
sound level: washable with an arrestance upto 90% at 5 microns
Light Intensity (Lux): 900 - 1300 Lux
Cleanliness: Federal standerd 209 E Class 100


  • Stainless Steel table top for CRCA
  • Hepa Filter, Pre-filter
  • Magnehalic Gauge / Manometer
  • LPG gas cock