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Leak Detection System


The Vacuum leak detection system HLS-finds smallest leaks and hole in tablet blisters and other flexible, semi -rigid ackages.Vacuum,test and penetration time are adjustable and can be stored into a database. This ensures that identical products will always be tested with the same parameters so that test are repeatable.


  • 16 x 2cm Large size numericl LCD display
  • Fully Micro controlled operation
  • Continues display of process valve along with vacuum level
  • Vacuum and time be programmed
  • Temperature controlled by Digital temp. Controller cum indicator.


    The holdmode is divided into the following phases:-
  • Evacuation of the desicator.
    The test time for vacuum exposure will stress the package to exact periods
  • venting the desiccator
  • The blister pack remains under atmospheric pressure. This ensures that the day penetrates into fine capillaries.


Technical specification

  • Supply : Vacuum Source inbuilt double -headed membrane oil free vacuum pump
  • Supply voltage : 230V Ac 50/60 Hz
  • Units : mm Hg, adjustable up to max 600 mmHg.
  • Feature :polycarbonate vacuum from desiccator after completion of process with audio alaem. Low power consumption.Automatic release of vacuum from desiccator after completion of process with audio alarm. Low power consumption.

Optional : Data memory with Rs 232C for print option along with batch no. (8 digit)