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Leak Test Apparatus


  • Extremely “compact” construction
  • Diaphragm type vacuum pump
  • Polycarbonate vacuum desiccator
  • Stainless steel (GMP) construction
  • Vacuum level up to 22’ of Hg
Ideal instrument to check blister Packs, Strip for Leak Test. The old method of separate desiccator and huge vacuum pump is replaced with the new Leak Test Apparatus in GMP Stainless Steel Body with phenomenal compactness. The instrument is equipped with Diaphragm type vacuum pump gives higher level of vacuum in shortest possible time. Die pressed polycarbonate vacuum desiccator sustains vacuum for long time. A vacuum gauge is provided to indicate vacuum level which is connected ti isolation valve to disconnect the source. Thus avoiding the need of continues running of vacuum pump. 99 minute Digital timer helps the operator to do other work It's amazing compactness saves lot of valuable place in process laboratories.


Desiccator Dia :150/200/250/300mm
Rating : 5A 230V single phase
Vacuum Level : 22" Hg
Timer : 3999 sec. Digital
Desiccator : Polycarbonate
Body : fully stainless steel. 304


Specification & Dimension are subject to modification.

Semi Automatic GMP Model, Digital

Details : Model HLT-02
Max. Vacuum Level : 27” Hg (650mm)
Features :
  • Complete made of stainless steel 304.
  • Polycarbonate desiccators of 300 mm dia.
  • With automatic cut off of pump & countdown timer starts.
  • Panel mounted vacuum gauge & feather touch key pads.
  • Rating 5a 230v single phase