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Magnetic Stirrer with hotplate

The Hally series of Heavy Duty magnetic stirrers features with stainless steel hot plate & additional spillage collection stainless steel tray with drain. Stirring by heavy duty PMDC motor which deliver torque even at lower speeds and maintains speed stability despite viscosity or volume changes. Acurate stepless speed control allows smooth variation up to 1000 rpm. Heating energy is controlled by energy regulator.

  • Economic magnetic stirrer with stainless steel heating plate.
  • DC motor for higher torque at low speed
  • Better low speed stirring even with small volume
  • Accurate stepless speed control maintains excellent speed stability
  • Specially designed for corrosive atmosphere reducing the chances of fumes entering the unit
  • Spillage collection tray with drain outlet


Stirring quantity (h2o) L.05
Speed range, rpm 100 to 1000rpm.
Temperature range, 0C ST 3200C
Dimension (w x d x h) 190 x 220 x 180
Stirrer Paddle 9 x 35 mm
Electrical Supply 230 v DC 50 Hz single phase